Submitted by ganbat on Sat, 10/27/2018 - 14:54

The five leading causes of mortality in Mongolia are 
Circulatory disease (33.1%), 
Cancer (25.6%), injuries, 
Poisonings and external causes (15.0%), 
Digestive disease (7.4%), 
Respiratory disease (4.3%) and comprising up to 85.4% of all deaths nationally. Therefore, currently, Oddariya is focusing on innovative diagnostic and management of circulatory and digestive diseases when providing training and capacity building. 



This August, our team traveled 500 kilometers to the east to Baruun Urt, Sukhbaatar. Collaborating with local House of Representatives, we conducted training for 33 physicians on diagnostics, management of diverse pathologies, and physical exam skills, and to provide a toolkit to foster positive behavioral changes in patients. 
As a follow up to the training, we are ensuring long-term, sustainable learning, and cooperation by establishing a platform for primary care physicians to connect directly with tertiary care physicians for diagnostic and treatment consultation and fellowship with training physicians.





We are greatly motivated by feedback provided by training participants and preparing for the next trip!