Oddariya believes technology breakthroughs and innovations are an impregnable force to bring efficient solution and productivity to the medical sector. As we are amazed and excited about Sapien transcatheter aortic valve, telemedicine, MelaFind optical scanner and etc, we hope 4th Industrial Revolution will bring high tech solutions to gravest medical conditions of mankind.

“Eco Tog” project was born from Oddariya’s faith in the power of young people’s curiosity and nurtured by our yearning to prepare the local community to embrace 4th Industrial Revolution. We are collaborating with a team of enthusiastic students from Young Sustainable Leaders Program implemented by the Global Shapers Community, Ulaanbaatar Hub. “Eco Tog” project will install solar mobile charging stations at local hospitals, as we understand how essential it is to keep in touch with your friend and family while you or your beloved one’s health is in critical condition and receiving emergency medical attention or operation.

In a long run, “Eco Tog” project has the ambition to drive young engineers and inventors to the medical sector to observe challenges and offer a solution through technical advancement.