Doctor Birgit Ross. MD from Essen University Hospital, Düsseldorf, Germany described improper antibiotics prescribing as “too many patients receiving unnecessary broad-spectrum antibiotics by the wrong route, in the wrong dose, and for too long” and stated that extensive Antibiotic prescription is directly responsible for the development of Antibiotic resistance in bacteria and causing high clinical impacts, such as:

  • Increased morbidity and mortality
  • Extended hospital stays (increasing costs and loss of bed days)

Various WHO and Mongolian Health Authority studies revealed Mongolia has serious improper antibiotic prescription due to lack of or too expensive means to detect a virus.
As a contribution to tackle this issue, we have successfully raised funds to donate Influenza virus rapid diagnostic kits to the pediatric department of local hospitals. Those donated kits will be the first ever; rapid diagnostic kits to be used in Mongolian Healthcare services. For the maximum outcome, our “Knowledge Exchange Program” will complement this project to help successfully adopt kits and to avoid inappropriate antibiotic usage with the support of foreign, visiting pediatricians.