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EWH in Mongolia


In collaboration with Engineering World Health, US-based non-profit organization that engages skills and passions of students and professionals from around the globe to improve healthcare delivery in low-income countries, Oddariya brought international team of 11 young biomedical engineers and students to Mongolia between July 2 - August 12th to help local hospitals to repair broken down equipment, exchange experience and provide advice and consultations.  

Our international team  stationed at following hospitals 

  • State First Central Hospital 
  • State Third Central Hospital
  • First Central Maternity 
  • National Trauma and Orthopedic Research Center 
  • Khan-Uul District Medical Center 
  • Bayan-Gol District Medical Center 
  • Chingeltei District Medical Center 
  • Provided assessment and advisory to 
  • Nalaikh Isolated District Medical Center 
  • Tuv Province Medical Center 
  • Baganuur Isolated District Medical center. 

Our summer project repaired 60 medical pieces of equipment from 7 hospitals, worked with 47 local biomedical engineers from 11 organizations, renovated pediatric sections, donated tools and minor parts.  



Also, Oddariya, EWH, and State III Central Hospital partnered to organize a discussion on improving medical equipment maintenance and repair practices. EWH engineering students from Denmark, Finland, France, and America shared observations and recommendations from the past month working alongside local engineers and technicians. 

For Oddariya Foundation, “EWH” summer project was an extraordinary experience as we worked one of the most overlooked aspects of Mongolian healthcare sector with truly amazing and heartwarming people.