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Engineering World Health summer program

Oddariya Foundation proudly announces that Mongolia has just recently joined “Engineering World Health” program. EWH is a dynamic global program serving engineering students, health care professionals, communities around the world and, most importantly, patients in need. EWH inspires, educates and empowers young engineers, scientists and medical professionals from more developed parts of the world to use their engineering skills to improve global health. EWH offers young professionals an eye-opening, life-changing experience that encourages life-long engagement with global health, and enables them immediately to provide meaningful service to patients in the developing world. EWH also supports training programs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America that are building a workforce of in-country biomedical engineering technicians and instructors. Working in partnership with local hospitals, educational institutions, and governments, EWH is improving local capacity to run efficient hospitals up to international standards now and in the future. EWH design competitions encourage innovation in lifesaving medical equipment for under-resourced parts of the world.